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What is the Associates' Scheme?

IATEFL has around 70 Associates - the exact number changes from week to week. An Associate is another Teacher Association (TA) that has entered into a mutually beneficial relationship with IATEFL. Increasingly, though, the real benefit of becoming an Associate lies in linking up to a network of teacher associations all over the world, and through this, a network of language educators all over the world.

Here is how this network functions. IATEFL provides the structure, creates a forum for its Associates to communicate. Then it's up to the Teacher Associations to make the most of this - to use the electronic, printed, and face-to-face mediums for meaningful communication. So if you're not an Associate, read on to find out what benefits joining might bring to your members, and what ways there are in which YOU and YOUR MEMBERS can reach out to English teachers all over the world. And if you have already become an Associate, please use the existing channels of communication - and let us know if you have any suggestions for changes and improvements.

Reasons to be an Associate:

  • Be in CONTACT with other teacher associations around the world.
  • Publicize your events in our CALENDAR OF EVENTS.
  • Collaborate with any of the 14 SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS of IATEFL.
  • Receive our Newsletter IATEFL Voices six times a year.
  • Contribute to Voices; use the ASSOCIATES' PAGES to tell other teachers and TAs what you are doing.
  • Attend and contribute to the ASSOCIATES' DAY at our annual Conference.
  • Communicate with other associations through our E-list, IATEFL-PAL.
  • Form PARTNERSHIPS with other teacher associations.
  • Get support from our WIDER MEMBERSHIP SCHEME, designed to help teachers in countries where IATEFL membership is hard to afford.
  • Spread the word about IATEFL and encourage your members to JOIN.

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