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Some ideas for recruiting and keeping members (happy)

  • offer reductions (reduced fees for institutions, students and pensioners)
  • offer fringe benefits (e.g. discounts in shops, cinemas etc.) distribute leaflet listing benefits
  • offer to provide references / recommendations to active members (e.g. for scholarships)
  • reward long-time members (e.g. free books, certificates, priority when applying for grants)
  • send out subscription renewal reminders / invitations to events to ex-members
  • hold a prize-draw which only members can enter (prizes: books from publishers, sponsored study trips or attendance at conferences)
  • have a website with up-to-date information (e.g. about upcoming events, scholarship opportunities)
  • send out intro letters to pedagogic institutions, teacher training colleges etc.
  • have an IATEFL desk with leaflets, sample Newsletters at conferences, exhibitions
  • have local representatives in different parts of the country to disseminate information about your association
  • if you have an annual conference, adjust membership renewal dates to the time of the conference.

Regional Meeting of Teacher Associations, Budapest 2000 - Tips for TA Newsletters

  • reduce costs by including advertisements e.g. for publishers
  • reduce costs of postage: smaller size
  • have an electronic version accessible through your website
  • include photocopiable materials, activities
  • go over Newsletters of other associates to broaden your range of publications (e.g. start a 'Meet a fellow teacher' column)
  • ask your readers for feedback: what would they like to see included?
  • have a (native speaker) proofreader
  • run workshops / seminars on how to write a Newsletter article (in order to increase the number of contributors)
  • get an ISSN number: increases the respectability of your publication
  • organise a prize draw for contributors
  • regional representatives can help with finding contributors
  • give priority to those who have contributed to the Newsletter e.g. when they apply for a travel grant

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