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Checklist of Responsibilities for Associates' Contact Person with IATEFL

In order for communication to be effective between your Association and IATEFL International, and between your Association and other Teacher Associations (TAs) there needs to be a person on your committee who is in charge of this. Here is a checklist of things that the IATEFL contact person (liaison officer/branch secretary/international relations officer?) needs to do:

  1. Make sure all your Committee members are on IATEFL PAL, the e -list where TAs linked up to IATEFL can communicate. To sign-up, contact Gavin Dudeney [email protected]  
  2. Regularly check PAL and respond to requests for information about your Association. (PAL = Partners and Associates List)
  3. If someone else takes over from you as IATEFL Contacts, or if there is a change of address, please inform IATEFL (Contact Helen Starkey [email protected]  and Gavin at [email protected].
  4. Check that your Associates' Agreement is still valid. It needs to be updated every three years. (Contact Helen at [email protected] ).
  5. Send two copies of your Newsletter to Head Office (IATEFL, Darwin College , University of Kent , Canterbury , Kent CT2 7NY , UK . Tel: +44 (0)1227 824430. Fax: +44 (0)1227 824431). One of these two copies should be addressed to Alison Schvetlick, VOICES Editor c/o of Head Office.
  6. Send one copy of your Newsletter to the Associates' Coordinator (Sara Hannam, City College, Tsimiski 13, 54624, Thessaloniki GREECE [email protected])
  7. Send information about the events your Association organises to the editor of VOICES, Alison Schvetlick, to Gavin to go on the Associates website, and to Helen Starkey [email protected] who will put them up on the IATEFL website.
  8. Make sure that the annual IATEFL International Conference and other IATEFL events are publicized in your Newsletter, on your website and at your professional events.
  9. Make sure that your Association publicises the different types of IATEFL membership.
  10. If you have a website, please include a link to the website of IATEFL International www.iatefl.org .
  11. Make sure that whoever represents your Association at  Associates' Day  is well informed about Associate matters. (Associates’ Day is always the day before the Annual IATEFL Conference in March/April.)
  12. Make sure your Association contributes two articles per year to the IATEFL Electronic Articles’ Bank. Please send these to Gavin [email protected]

www.iatefl.org - click on ‘Associates’ scroll to the bottom and click on Associates Website


IATEFL - Darwin College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 70NY, UK

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