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The Articles Bank is now open - click here for access...

Here is how it works. Each Associate of IATEFL is asked to place two articles each year into the Bank. These have to be articles which have relevance outside of any one particular context, and which are of interest to teachers of English in different parts of the world.

[ download a list of articles    ]

To make it easy to find articles in the Bank, we categorise them thus:

  • Ideas for the classroom
  • Global issues
  • Country profiles
  • Language teaching skills
  • Web issues
  • Teacher education & professional development

If you have any comments / suggestions about the Articles' Bank, please share your ideas on PAL. Alternatively this will be an agenda item at the Associates' Day in Aberdeen (Conference 2007).

IATEFL - Darwin College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 70NY, UK

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