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Who is who? When to contact:

  • Les Kirkham - Associates' Coordinator

    - [email protected]
    - info/suggestions for Associates' Day
    - contributions for Associates' Pages of Issues
    - questions, suggestions about Associates' Scheme
    - updating your contact details.

  • Glenda Smart - Executive Officer, [email protected]
    - updating your contact details for our records
    - info about becoming an Associate
    - requesting promotional materials about IATEFL
    - types of membership and membership forms
    - updating your Associate's Agreement

  • Alison Schwetlick - Editor of IATEFL Voices, [email protected]
    - contribution offers for Voices
    - articles from YOUR Newsletter for inclusion in Voices
    - info about your events to go into Voices

    IATEFL - Darwin College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NY, UK

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